Monday, December 7, 2009

What Does Downtown Bacolod Look Like in 2009?

Downtown Bacolod hasn't changed much. The landmark buildings still have the 70's look.

Araneta Street is always the favorite avenue for parades such as the Family Day of La Consolacion College Elementary Department. I grabbed the opportunity to snap pictures of downtown Bacolod while the probability of my gadget being snatched is at its lowest.

During early Saturday mornings, the main street and the roundabout surrounding the plaza still breathes clear of Bacolod air, until pandemonium wreaks havoc starting around 10:00 in the morning down to afternoon rush hour.

The familiar landmarks of downtown Bacolod, i.e., Iris Theater (no longer in business), Lopue's Araneta (which was recently partially razed by fire), and Plaza Mart (after having a facelift and additional split levelling, still looks quite the same inside) stand witness to the chaotic sidewalk way of life of downtown denizens. Stalls displaying all kinds of merchandise, from fruits to small tools, goldfish in plastic bags to seasonal wares, endlessly and relentlessly vie against each other for passerby attention.

One familiar facade that is permanently erased in the face of downtown Bacolod is China Rose, a department store that is now replaced by Unitop, a Korean store selling China goods. Talk about the bustling irony that can only be downtown Bacolod.

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