Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Central District: A 2009 Christmas Bazaar

I've been meaning to visit Central District: A 2009 Christmas Bazaar right beside Robinsons's Place.

First, because the city-paved but unused street recently sparked a lot of controversy since it was closed to the public.

Second, now that it's opened and christened as Central District: A 2009 Christmas Bazaar, it spurs a lot of curiousity.

So I went in to see what's beyond the big tarpaulin sign board and the al fresco table arrangements waiting for outdoor barbecue diners.

I wanted to see what's inside the giant white tent lined with tall palm trees waving in the air for people to come.

Inside were rows of familiar looking stalls displaying the same old trinkets, foodstuffs, wares, dresses, CDs, etc. that you can easily find at Robinson's, SM, 888, Mayfair, and other big stores.

I posted this article in Interesting Nooks and Corners, but unfortunately, the only interesting thing here is the first reason I've mentioned earlier. I also posted this blog in Happenings, but sadly, nothing's really happening here, not even the sales (the way I saw it). Unless something really interesting is happening here, the al fresco tables will eternally be futilely waiting, and the tall palm trees will forever be frantically waving in the air for people who will never come.

But thanks to this new place, I've added a new label, Reviews. And my rating is a half star out of five for Central District: A 2009 Christmas Bazaar.

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