Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bacolod Parol and Probation

Parol, not parole.

Parol is the christmas lantern that usually adorn Filipino homes during the yuletide season.

In Bacolod, the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology has made it a yearly tradition for prisoners at the Provincial Jail to fashion colorful parol out of flexible bamboo sticks as part of their fund raising drive. Beginning the latter part of November, the jail's sidewalks become colorful as makeshift stalls line along the otherwise foreboding prison walls displaying the parol in solid christmas colors and in various sizes to suit your motif.

The parol is wrapped in sturdy colored plastic to withstand sun and rain when displayed outdoors. Thus it can still be re-used for two to three christmases thereafter. When finally they get worn out or you just want to change color combination, you can always bring your old set for them to re-wrap. But the small bunch of ten parol stars costs only PhP250.00 that it is well worth it to buy brand new.

The inmates supervised by the Bacolod Parole and Probation Office make parol of different styles. The classic 10-star series is always a big hit, it varies only in color and comes in small and medium sizes. The bigger ones are too heavy for hanging in series so they come individually, others propped up in bamboo sticks that can be planted into your garden for a magically starry night outdoors.

These stars on stilts only cost from PhP130 to 180 each. Not bad for a parol on parole.

For more on the history of parol, click here.


  1. Love this parol. But it's just so expensive out here in the US.

  2. tuod ka girl? mga pila man ahyan? like this one

    nakuha ko lang 250. kun ibaligya ta bi sa etsy, pila ayhan? ;-)


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