Saturday, December 5, 2009

Belen: Pinoy Style Nativity Scene

Belen is a Spanish word for the nativity scene commonly reconstructed during Christmas. Over the years, the belen has been presented in many different ways and is the centerpiece of all christmas decorations in Filipino homes.

While the name Jerry Sy sounds Chinese and indeed he is considered Fil-Sino, he is truly Filipino in his celebration of the birth of Christ. For his home at San Agustin Street, Bacolod City (near Colegio San Agustin) becomes a backdrop for a lavishly decorated belen set right outside his gates for everyone to enjoy.

As if heralding the message that his home is always a welcome haven for the weary couple looking for a place to stay for the night in Bethlehem, Jerry Sy does so in his trademark flair.

Everyone who passes by couldn't help but pause and admire with great awe this thoughtfully prepared belen that underwent several revisions until it was just right according to Jerry's specifications.

Being just outside the street, anyone could go near the nativity scene and touch it, just don't break it -- Jerry's angels are in the constant lookout to guard and protect this beautiful belen.

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