Monday, December 7, 2009

Is This a Sign for Bacolod Politics 2010?

Atty. Bing Sedonio, a good friend of mine, noticed this sight as he was driving along Araneta Street at downtown Bacolod. As we were approaching the Bacolod City Public Plaza, the past noon day sun cast a sun-dial-like shadow from one of the halogen lamp holders poised at a large tarpaulin billboard showcasing the faces of the Bacolod City officials from the Mayor to his councilors.

As we drove nearer and nearer, the shadow won't budge on one councilor's face. He asked me what I thought about it. The blogger that I am, quickly took pictures as he frantically ordered me to be done with it as he was driving as slowly as he could while downtown Bacolod traffic was pushing us into the roundabout flow.

An artist himself, he loves lecturing about his vast knowledge of art or discussing the things that normally go unnoticed by the unartistic eye.

"'In the dark'?" I ventured, looking at the solid shadow landing squarely on the councilor's face.

"Or, 'this is it'?" Atty. Bing suggested, interpreting it as Fate pointing at what look like a powerpoint presentation of Bacolod City's next congressional candidate.

Either way, with the mounting election fever and comic candidatorial circus going about, it's a sign worth looking out for in Bacolod politics 2010.

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