Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Talaba, Anyone?

Talaba, or oysters, are found everywhere in Bacolod and almost all coastal towns of Negros Occidental, the City of Hinigaran known for having the sweetest talaba of all.

When in Bacolod, you can have your plateful of Talaba at Puntataytay. Famous seafood restaurants such as 18th Pala-pala, Imay's, or Aboy's also feature the delectable talaba.

Because of its high demand and also for hygienic purposes, talaba are now mostly cultured in special talaba farms.

These oysters come in two sizes. The big ones are called talaba (tah-lah-BAH), while the small ones are called sisi (si-SI).

Talaba is easier to handle and opens up easily. When harvested in an especially hot weather, talaba is sweet and smooth. It looses its flavor during wet or cloudy weather, and people believe the rains wash away the sweet-salty taste.

Sisi on the other hand is much harder to handle and opening it is more challenging just thinking of avoiding getting cut. Just as it is small, its flavor is like the compact version of talaba.

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