Thursday, November 5, 2009

12th Adobo Festival in Silay City

For 12 years, the Adobo Festival in Silay City has grown into a major tourist activity in the Paris of Negros.

Locals as well as foreign visitors flock into Balay Negrense along 5 de Noviembre Street, Silay City, to savor the many kinds of adobo Negrense cooks had to offer.

Lunch al fresco under giant foliage of ancient trees was the order of the day. Aside from culinary art, several artworks by Negrense artists stimulate the visual palate as well.

Ian Valladarez and his wire sculpture.

Me and my still life artworks in acrylic and oil pastel.

Bea Mocorro and her oil pastel "pinakas" (pi-NAH-kas) or dried fish.


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