Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kuwan or Kwan: The All-Around-Anything-You-Want-It-To-Mean Word

Yes, there is such a word. It is a substitute word if you can't remember what to call what-you-call-this. It's just one word, "kuwan" or slurred to "k'wan" (ku-WAN or KWAN).

Sometimes, to break the monotony of the sentence "Ginkwan ni kwan ang kwan ni kwan" (Something was done by someone on the something of someone), another word for kwan is "ano" (a-NO) which means "what".

In Bacolod, there is a famous home of delectable native delicacies named QUAN. So that if you ask your friend where did he get his delicious cassava cake, he will tell you with a mischievous smile, "Sa Quan" (From what-you-call-this).

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