Saturday, October 17, 2009

Electric MassKara: Bacolod Street Party at Lacson Tourism Strip

Lacson Tourism Strip, now on its third year as such, has been a successful street party venue at Bacolod City's newly proclaimed Lacson Tourism Strip.

An alternative to the rowdier Bacolod Public Plaza roundabout, the MassKara street party has spilled over the usual venue and reinvented itself at a closed section of Lacson Street starting from the corners of 6th Street to Benigno Aquino Drive or what is still popularly known as Bangga Ramos.

Minus the container van, a curious law-enforcement landmark that has in recent years sprouted in strategic places around the plaza roundabout to discourage criminal elements from disturbing the rather peaceful and jubilant Bacolod street party, Lacson Tourism Strip offers a more sassy and secure alternative to add new flavor to the MassKara celebration.

Lacson Tourism Strip is about 1.5 kilometers where MassKara revelers stroll the entire strip, "to see and be seen". Lined with al fresco dinner and drink stalls, mobile souvenir stands, face painting and henna tattooing spots, concert areas, and this year, a raised platform at the centerline at four major intervals, 6th Street to Ramos is a virtual living bloodstream of people partying either northwards or southwards.

The walk wave is like an ocean current that, if you won't go by the flow of people going this way, you might get bumped over and fall off from one of the street stages like what happened to our group not just once but thrice.

Lacson Tourism Strip is still one sight-and-sound sensation to experience, brought to you by Electric MassKara.

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  1. I want to experience this MassKara street party. I hope I can participate on this once we had bought a house and lot for sale in Bacolod City.


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