Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kilanlan or Kinahanglan?

In the modern Ilonggo or Hiligaynon dialect, there is a word that is threatening to put to extinction an original word.

The culprit word is "kilanlan" (ki-LAN-lan). It simply does not exist in the original Ilonggo vocabulary, it merely evolved through years and years of misuse especially by the young native Ilonggo speakers themselves.

Can this prove an alleged AIM finding that Ilonggos are poor listeners?

The murdered word is supposed to be "kinahanglan" (ki-na-HANG-lan) which means a must, a need, a necessity. It is also used by Cebuanos, and Warays.

"Kilanlan" on the other hand, is a Tagalog word that means an acknowledgment, recognition or familiarity. So the two words are not related at all.

If the younger generation will keep on using "kilanlan" instead of the right word "kinahanglan", then the latter is in danger of becoming extinct.

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