Monday, September 21, 2009

Cebu Pacific Seat Selector Boo-Boo

This is my email to Cebu Pacific's feedback (complaints) department. Let's see how will they act on this:

Making my reservation online, I tried to avail of the seat selector feature for my outgoing and incoming flight BCD-MLA and MLA-BCD for flight numbers 5J 478 & 5J 477 on 09/18/2009 & 09/26/2009.

I entered the necessary details and was charged P448 all in all according to my chosen seats 14A & 14B for both flights for me and my daughter.

Unfortunately, when I checked in, the ground attendant realized that my daughter was a minor and is not allowed to be seated near the exit door and asked us to be moved to another seat. Under protestations we were given seats 10E and 10F.

I am still here in Manila but I expect to be moved out of my paid seats again. This defeats the purpose of paying for it when the system accepted me and my daughter knowing from the details entered that she is a minor.

I thus would like to request a refund for the seats that I did not avail of as this is not my fault? Hoping for your attention and prompt positive action on this matter.

System-generated reply:

Thank you for your feedback. Your Reference Number for this transaction is GSAS0000402351-09. This will automatically be sent to our system. Please allow us at least seven (7) days to investigate your concern. Rest assured that our representative will get back to you.


  1. It is October 3, 2009 already and still there is no response from Cebu Pacific management with regards to my e-mail. I called their hotline number while in Manila at the height of the Ondoy Flood, and the customer service representative confidently assured that my complaint will be addressed within seven days. Seven days is up, still no answer.

  2. october 31, still no reply from cebu pacific. talk about customer service. what for do they post their email address if they are so unresponsive? singapore airport is far better, when i emailed them regarding a rude personnel i encountered there, they replied promptly to act on the matter.


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