Sunday, September 20, 2009

Conversational Ilonggo: Tenses

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For Ilonggo or Hiligaynon tenses, just add the following prefixes before a verb or action word.

For example: KA-on – eat

Past tense

Past Continuous: was eating

(add prefix naga-) na-ga-KA-on

Past Simple: ate

(add prefix nag-) nag-KA-on

Past Perfect Simple: had eaten

(add phrase na-ka-TA-pos na) na-ka-TA-pos na KA-on

Past Perfect Continuous: had been eating

(add phrase sige nga) SI-ge nga nag-KA-on

Present tense

Present Continuous: is eating

(add prefix naga-) na-ga-KA-on

Present Simple: eats


Present Perfect Simple: has eaten

(add prefix naka-) na-ka-KA-on

Present Perfect Continuous: has been eating

(add phrase sige nga) SI-ge nga na-ga-KA-on

Future tense

Future Continuous: is eating dinner (tomorrow)

(add prefix ma-): ma-KA-on bu-WAS*

Future Simple: will eat

(add prefix ma-): ma-KA-on

Future Perfect Simple: will have eaten

(add prefix maka- and word na after) ma-ka-KA-on na

Future Perfect Continuous: will have been eating

(add phrase ma-ka-TA-pos na) ma-ka-TA-pos na KA-on


*bu-WAS (tomorrow) - the u is slurred, thus is pronounced in one syllable BWAS

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